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    Company Formation Dubai | Freezone LLC

    What is a free zone?

    A free zone is a so-called free trade zone. This is a geographically segregated economic zone in which special rules and regulations (different from those applicable in the UAE) prevail.

    What are the advantages of an LLC in a free zone?

    • 100% ownership of the company
    • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
    • No deposit of share capital required
    • No corporate income tax
    • Duty exemption
    • No office space required, the Freezone offers flexi- or shared-desks
    • Many possible business activities
    • Wide range of possible licenses
    • Exemption from annual accounting and tax obligations
    • Obtaining an investor visa (valid for 2 years)

    What are the disadvantages of an LLC in a Freezone?

    • Certain restrictions on offering or selling services or products outside the Freezone.
    • "Physical" business can only be located in a Freezone (If you want to open a location outside the Freezone, you can establish a branch or subsidiary. However, this requires (as with a local LLC) a local sponsor).

    Accordingly, if you wish to open a business or store, a Freezone may not be the right choice. We recommend the formation of a local LLC (read more about local LLCs here). Freezones are particularly suitable for consulting, IT consulting and others.

    We will gladly take care of the company formation for you and also accompany you through the entire visa process, including the medical test. We work together with a Freezone in Sharjah. The Freezones in Dubai are much more expensive and already very crowded. Sharjah offers a cheap solution and is also very reliable. In addition, the Freezone has a branch in Dubai, which further simplifies the cooperation. The investor visa is therefore issued for Sharjah, which otherwise has no influence on the visa. (Only the application for a driving permit has to be made in Sharjah. Otherwise everything is analogous to an investor visa in Dubai).

    The validity of the company license can be applied for one, two, three or even five years when the company is founded. (We generally recommend our clients to apply for a 2-year license, as the investor visa expires then as well. This way everything can be renewed in one step and the process is thus only due again every two years).

    The above prices include the cost of an investor visa as well as our all-inclusive cost of AED 10,000.

    A detailed cost overview can of course be worked out on request.