Protect your investments

Switzerland is crisis-proof. It has a very low risk of political instability and is internationally well-connected.
It remains one of the most desired locations in the world, providing a high quality of life, excellent education, a favorable tax environment and a high level of security.

The supply of land is limited and accordingly on very high demand.

Building in Switzerland means building with high-quality material. Swiss trademarks have a high level of sustainability and economic prosperity.

Switzerland is large in capital and is highly independent of the financial situation of the world. The Swiss franc is one of the strongest currencies worldwide, despite the country is small the currency is number 7 in the world most-traded currencies by value.


Optimize your risk

Having all these pros in mind the risk of buying Real Estate in Switzerland is low compared to buying properties in Dubai.

Looking at the real estate price index in Switzerland, we see that over the last 20 years the prices have a consistent trend to move up without any extraordinary fluctuations.


Invest in Swiss Francs

The Swiss Franc is known as one of the most stable currencies in the world. In times of financial insecurity, the Swiss franc is the currency most often purchased thanks to its famous stability.

During the financial turmoil of 2008, for example, the Swiss franc gained appreciably as more investors fled unsafe assets and parked their money in Swiss francs, which they perceived as safe.

Used in only Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the Swiss Franc was ranked as the seventh most traded currency in 2018 — this just goes to prove its value.