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    The $6 billion Dubai Pearl megaproject was announced in 2002. Due to a change of management and various delays, the project has been at a standstill for 16 years - an eyesore right in front of the Palm Jumeirah.

    When buying a property, you always hear how important the location of the property is.
    But how important is it really?

    For us a clear -VERY IMPORTANT!

    Now, nevertheless, just still summer vacations were and now is already soon again Christmas. Here in Dubai, the weather and the sea are slowly becoming more pleasant. With the pleasant weather you also meet more tourists and investors.

    In the last months the global economic climate has changed drastically. In light of this, Dubai remains a popular option for international investors with its business-friendly initiatives and economic stability. The Dubai real estate market achieved its strongest sales quarter in more than 10 years from July to the end of September, setting another record in the process by recording the highest sales value ever for both a villa and an apartment.

    Nakheel, the developer best known for building the famous Palm Jumeirah, has announced another project - the Dubai Islands project. The project, formerly known as Deira Islands, is in line with the Dubai Master Plan 2040.

    The project consists of 5 islands - Central Island, Shore Island, Golf Island, Marina Island and the Elite Island. Each island will have its own unique offer of various beach clubs, recreational, sports and cultural activities. In addition, there will be about 21 kilometers of beach, various parks, green areas and golf courses.

    I, Cynthia, have been living in Dubai for two years now. Many of our clients as well as friends, acquaintances and relatives ask me again and again what I miss from Switzerland and how life is especially as a 'blonde' woman in an Arab country.

    I am happy to share my impressions of my life as an expat in Dubai.... Have fun! 😉

    Real Estate Market Dubai Q2 2022

    Temperatures are rising, the sea is getting warm and there is no cooling in sight even in the evening - so here's to air conditioning!

    Half a year has already passed and the real estate sector in Dubai continues to break records in terms of sales and transactions. With almost 43,000 sales transactions whose total value exceeded almost AED 115 billion, this is the strongest performance of the first half of the year since June 2009.

    Becoming the world's most sustainable city - Dubai Clean Energy Strategy

    The oil boom in the 1950s triggered rapid economic growth in Dubai. Towers were built, international companies came to Dubai and tourism increased steadily. But as the economy grew, so did its environmental footprint. In 2006, WWF found that theUAE was the country with the world's largest ecological footprint per capita. Dubai was the top performer among the seven emirates.Rapid growth and urbanization is a challenge in terms of sustainability. Two years later, the UAE launched the "Masdar" project, the Arabic word for "source," in partnership with WWF, marking its first effort to promote sustainability.

    In 2017, the UAE launched the"UAE Energy Strategy 2050". The goal of this strategy is to increase the contribution of clean energy to total consumption from 25% to 50% by 2050, while reducing CO2 emissions from electricity generation by 70%. Furthermore, in 2015, Dubai unveiled the"Dubai Clean Energy Strategy". With this plan, Dubai aims to source 75% of its energy needs from clean energy sources by 2050, becoming the most sustainable city in the world.

    Dubai passes the 3.5 million mark!

    Since 1960, the population has grown from 40,000 to now over 3.5 million people. Between the end of 2020 and April 2022, the population has increased by nearly 100,000 people. By the year 2040 (click here for more on the 2040 Master Plan), the population target is about 6 million. Schools in particular are also noticing a significant increase in new enrollments, which is an indication that many are moving their center of life to Dubai.

    Dubai real estate market Q1 2022

    The exceptional transaction growth in the first quarter marks a new all-time high compared to previous years. According to CBRE, the total transaction volume from January to March 2022 was the highest ever in a first quarter.

    Dubai and all its record buildings 🥇

    The biggest hobby of Dubai? Collecting records and they are really good at it. 😉 Dubai already hasover 400 recordsto show for it, but Dubai's appetite is far from satisfied.

    We have summarized some records for you.
    We hope you enjoy reading and marveling!

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    Review of the year 2021

    The Dubai real estate market reached new record highs during 2021. After a slump at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, the market experienced a steep upswing. Dubai recorded its highest transaction value in 12 years, with property sales worth over 151 billion dirhams (i.e., approximately $41 billion). The total number of property transactions was also the highest since 2013 at 61,241, according to Property Finder, with nearly 60% of all transactions taking place in the secondary market and 40% in the off-plan market.

    Dubai has definitely confirmed itself as a "safe haven" for many during the ongoing Corona pandemic. Thanks to a solid and stable government, Dubai was and still is a haven of normalcy. The government's efficient response to the pandemic, the rapid resumption of international air traffic and the Expo 2020, which was postponed by one year, increased Dubai's already existing attractiveness as an investment location and as a primary as well as secondary residence.