Company Establishment in Dubai

    The market in the United Arab Emirates, especially in the region of Dubai, is characterized by many peculiarities, which must be taken into account. Thanks to our local network we are always able to work out these particularities individually. We accompany you from A to Z through the formation of a company and also guide you through the entire visa process including medical test and finger printing. In addition, we will provide you with your Emirates ID.

    Our services include:

    - Advice on the choice of legal form (local or Freezone LLC)

    - Company formation process from A to Z

    - Guidance through the entire visa process

    Company formation of a local LLC

    What are the advantages of a local LLC?
    - Possibility to trade in all zones (no restrictions)

    - Limitation of liability (comparable to a limited liability company)
    - No corporate income tax
    - No required minimum share capital
    - Obtaining an investor visa (valid for 3 years)

    What are the disadvantages of a local LLC?
    - 51% of the shares must be owned by a local Emirati partner (sponsor)

    - Office space is required
    - Value Added Tax (5%) is required.

    Usually an agreement (partner agreement) is made between the local sponsor and the founder of the company. It is stated that the profits and the control of the company remain with the foreign partner (i.e. the founder of the company). It can also be agreed that the sponsor will not have access to the bank account. We cooperate with local sponsors as well as lawyers and can help you in this matter in the best possible way.

    For our services we charge a flat fee of
    AED 10,000.

    Company formation of a Freezone LLC

    What is a free zone?
    free zone, a so-called free trade zone, is a geographically separated economic zone in which special rules and regulations prevail.

    What are the advantages of a Freezone LLC?
    - 100% ownership of the company

    - 100% repatriation of capital and profits
    - No need to pay in share capital
    - No corporate income tax
    - No need for office space (flexi- or shared-desks)
    - Exemption from annual accounting and tax obligations
    - Obtaining an investor visa (valid for 2 years)

    What are the disadvantages of a Freezone LLC?
    - Restrictions on offering or selling products outside the Freezone

    - "Physical" business can have the location only in the Freezone

    Accordingly, if you wish to open a "physical" business, a Freezone may not be the right choice. Freezones are especially suitable for consulting, IT consulting and the like.

    For our services we charge a flat rate of
    AED 10,000.

    More complex company formations | Subsidiaries

    Establishing a local company, which has to be integrated into an already existing group of companies or into a Swiss or German parent company, brings along some peculiarities and also the company formation is a bit more complex.

    We cooperate with local lawyers to offer you an individualized solution. We also work together with local sponsors.

    The costs for this process are individual and will be announced after a detailed clarification on request.