Professional Property Management

    After buying a property in Dubai, the question of management arises. For a property in Dubai to 'work' and be enjoyable, one must be organized in terms of operations. It can be a challenge from Switzerland or Germany to coordinate craftsmen or to find a tenant for investment properties.

    The following questions arise:

    Who organizes the rental?
    How do I cash my checks at the bank?
    What do I do in case of water damage?
    Who takes care of the handover or takeover of the apartment?
    Who will take care of the ancillary costs?

    We will help you. As locally anchored real estate managers with Swiss quality thinking, we are happy to offer our services to our investors. We take over all necessary tasks on site.

    Our services for apartments

    Imagine traveling to Dubai and encountering a freshly cleaned apartment and a freshly made bed - everything spotless and clean.

    This is exactly the service we offer you. We organize the cleaning before your arrival. The "Vacation Apartment" management package includes four cleanings and the management of an apartment key for emergencies in the apartment.

    For these services we charge an annual flat rate of AED 2,000.

    Our services for rentals

    Finding a tenant from Germany or Switzerland, cashing the checks, handing over the apartment in Dubai - an almost impossible task. Also to coordinate craftsmen from Germany or Switzerland, to control the damages of the apartment and then to inspect the delivered work - also a difficult matter.

    We advertise your property on all leading real estate portals and find you a suitable tenant. We draw up the rental contract and negotiate the rent. In addition, we organize the handing over of the apartment or the keys and make sure that the checks are cashed. In case of any problems or concerns, the tenant can contact us directly. We coordinate the activities on site and keep you informed.

    For our services we charge the usual 5% of the annual gross rent.