Dubai REST - the must-have app for all property owners

    Dubai REST (Dubai Real Estate Transaction) is the smart platform for all real estate services. The app was developed by the Dubai Land Department (DLD). Dubai Land Department (DLD) is the official authority in Dubai that regulates the real estate sector.

    This handy app allows property owners to access their properties through a real estate wallet that provides them with information about the current prices of their properties, rental yields, as well as utility costs. Furthermore, applications for a mortgage offer or a property valuation can be made via the app. In addition, ancillary costs can be paid via the app. Also, owners as well as tenants have the ability to manage leases through Dubai REST (registering, renewing and terminating the lease.) The app can also be used to track the rental and sales index in different time periods.

    In addition, Dubai REST provides details on real estate agencies as well as real estate agents and their classification and level of service. However, one of the most notable feature that the app enables is to get real-time information about off-plan projects. These concern, for example, the degree of completion (in percent) and recent pictures of the project. Property owners of off-plan projects it also shows payments due to the developer and the number of the escrow account.

    We therefore recommend all property owners, and likewise those planning to purchase a property in Dubai, to download the Dubai REST app. It is the must-have app for all property owners and provides valuable insights into the Dubai real estate market.