Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan - Will Dubai soon be the best city in the world?

    On March 13, 2021, the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, personally announced the launch of the "Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan". This plan shows how Dubai wants to develop over the next 20 years. In doing so, it becomes clear that Dubai also wants to commit to sustainable urban development and thus grow into the best city in the world. The "Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan" is in line with the vision of the United Arab Emirates for the next 50 years. The focus here is strongly on promoting quality of life.

    The ambitious plan pursues the following main goals:

    • Public beaches to be increased by 400%
    • 60% of the area in Dubai is to become nature reserves
    • Urban areas and infrastructure to be constantly developed
    • (By 2040, more than half of the population should have access to public transport within a radius of 800 meters).

    This is expected to further boost the growth of the economic sector, create more jobs and attract greater foreign investment at the same time. These exciting plans are also expected to grow the population from the current 3.3 million to nearly six million by 2040.

    The new master plan is the seventh plan developed for the Emirate of Dubai since 1960. Since 1960, the population has grown from 40,000 to an impressive 3.3 million. Dubai, an ambitious city with a clear vision, where the development journey is far from over, even after more than 60 years...

    Dubai, the best city in the world? In our opinion, it already is... 😉
    Our new employee Cynthia Roos can only confirm this:

    "In Dubai, the days just feel longer, in a positive sense (laughs). Especially in Switzerland, I often had the feeling that I went to work in the dark and came home in the evening in the dark again. I didn't get much out of the day...

    Here in Dubai, you get up in the sunshine and leave the office in the sunshine. I have more energy and can really enjoy life. Additionally, in Dubai I benefit from so many cultures from all over the world. This cultural diversity contributes to an open and accepting atmosphere and this is what makes Dubai so unique.

    So, I am definitely looking forward to the next 20 years."